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Are the barriers inflated with air or filled with water?

It is a two step process, where they are filled with air and then with water.

Step 1: The flood barriers are filled with air at first, so they are light enough to be handled. At this stage the barriers can be moved into the correct position, and strapped together to create the complete barrier.

Step 2: When everything is ready, the barriers are filled with water, either from a mains source, lakes or even the flood water. The air is displaced leaving the tubes filled entirely with water. These are now extremely heavy, and can withstand a lot of pressure to form a long, continuous, water filled flood barrier. They are flexible enough to mould to the shape of the ground surface to minimise any water seepage underneath.

How do the tubes join together?

The flood barriers have straps, which attach two or three tube elements together to form the twin or triple barrier.

The elements are joined end-to-end to create a continuous long barrier using a patented linkage system, that prevents leakage at the joins between the individual components.

What are the flood barriers made from?

The flood barriers are made from PVC Laminate, coated on both sides. This makes them very strong and resistant to pressure damage. The operating temperature range is from -30°C to +70°C

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